Marina Services

Launch & Haul-Out

F.L. Tripp & Sons provides boat hauling and launching services to get you on or off the water safely with our heavy-duty forklifts, 50,000Lb hydraulic yard trailer, and 65T mobile crane. We can haul-out, block and launch your boat on site for boat repair, service or storage. Our pricing varies depending on service. Please note, all sailboats must be unrigged. What better time to check for worn standing and running rigging? Or replace and lube worn blocks and sheaves?

Contact Us today for a pick-up, and/or haul-out quote!

Gas & Diesel Fuel

With direct access to the Atlantic Ocean, boaters from all over Southern New England have stopped by F.L. Tripp & Sons to fuel-up and head back out on their journey.

F.L. Tripp & Sons sells only the highest quality Valvtect treated fuel. We also offer a variety of oils and fuel additives. Our fuel dock is open every day from 8am-4:30pm during the boating season.

Private Mooring Services

If you own a home on the Westport River, we can help you with mooring services that will ensure that your vessel is secure and safe. Whether it is a routine inspection or a completely new set-up, F.L. Tripp & Sons can provide you with the professional mooring service you need. Your mooring tackle will be carefully checked, and any necessary repairs will be made by our team. Please contact the Harbormaster to obtain your town private mooring number.

To download our current Private Mooring Service Contract, click the link to the right and our contract will open in a new browser for you to complete and return to us.

Pump-Out Services

Our stationary pump-out services are FREE at our fuel dock. The Westport Harbor Master also offers free pump outs and will come to you! Hail them at channels 9/16 to get on their weekly schedule.

Reach us on VHF Channel 9 or call us on 508.636.4058 for more information.
211 Cherry and Webb Ln,
Westport Point, MA 02791
2022 All Rights Resered. F.L. Tripp & Sons
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211 Cherry and Webb Ln,
Westport Point, MA 02791
2022 All Rights Resered. F.L. Tripp & Sons
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