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F.L. Tripp & Sons – Since 1922 – Westport Point, MA

We are quite proud of our history in our boating community. Our family has been dedicated to serving with passion, work ethic, and pride in everything we do! Here is a bit of history about F.L. Tripp & Sons.

Fred Tripp always had a passion for boats. A carpenter by trade, he had built many homes and buildings along East Beach and throughout the town. He had a boat shop behind the barn at the family farm and homestead on Main Road and built many 12’ and 14’ rowing skiffs and “pond boats.” A few are still in use today. 
In 1932 a fire, caused by a lightning strike, destroyed the boat shop. During this time, Fred had also been hired to work on a boat owned by E. B. Charlton (famous for the Five and Dime stores). Charlton had built a mansion and dock at Westport Harbor. Fred also helped a few other boat owners at the Point who encouraged him to set a up a shop on the south side of the river. So with the help of a few “well-heeled” residents, Fred acquired the property and set up a small workshop and a smaller office. Word spread and the business grew. 

Fred took on Boat building projects. In the late 30’s “The Eel” was designed by Bill Hand and built for him by F.L. Tripp & Sons In the early 40’s, Hand designed a 40 Dragger and it was built for Donald Poole of Vineyard Haven. Soon after the boat was started Harry and Bill went into the Navy and that left Fred, John, Gus Tripp and Andrew Briggs to finish the boat. In the late 40’s and early 50’s a 42’ dragger was built. The boat had the same lines as Poole’s boat. Also, a 42’ dragger style pleasure boat was built for Harold Waite and later sold to George Austin. The business progressed in the 40’s and 50’s as well as building shops and storage sheds.
In 1952 Fred retired from the business due to his poor health and passed away in 1953. Freda Tripp, his wife, had worked alongside Fred and remained involved in the business as the office manager after his passing. Freda passed away in her 90’s after a long full life.

The sheds were lost in the 1954 hurricane. During the storm, Bill and a few customers and staff went into the dunes to ride out the storm. After the storm, the sheds were rebuilt. In the late 60’s the “Big Shop” was added to enable the crew to work year-round. The new office and showroom were also constructed. Yacht repairs and maintenance were a significant part of the business. In the 1960’s we assembled a sailboat called the Triangle 32. Triangle would ship the deck and hull to Westport and the yard would complete the boat. We also built a number of Dolphin 24 sailboats. The Dolphins and Triangles have a loyal following around the country.
The Palmer Scott 18 and 22 hulls were built here also. The molds were purchased in the late 60’s and the yard began building boats. They became the 18’ and 22” Compleat Angler. We added a 24’ and a 27’ to the line in the late 80’s.

Also purchased: Yankee Transport and our foray into the boat hauling business under the name of Angler Corp.

Over the years, F.L. Tripp & Sons were dealers for Johnson and Evinrude outboards, Thompson, Boston Whaler, Alumacraft, Fish Hawk, and O’Day and CS Yacht sailboats.

We’ve survived the 38, Hurricanes Carol, Gloria, Bob and numerous other “trials from Mother Nature” In 1986, we had a fire destroy 120 lockers and the top floor of the office building. We came back better and stronger. We are now in our 3rd generation and looking to the future.
211 Cherry and Webb Ln,
Westport Point, MA 02791
2022 All Rights Resered. F.L. Tripp & Sons
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211 Cherry and Webb Ln,
Westport Point, MA 02791
2022 All Rights Resered. F.L. Tripp & Sons
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